Team Success

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success.


Flat Organization

Galaksiya is a team of highly qualified professionals with long-term experience in the IT sector. They believe that Galaksiya is not just another IT company but a new way to do business and do things better.

Galaksiya uses a flat organization format that is dynamically composed using coalition or federation patterns. The appropriate organizational pattern is selected concerning the project requirements.

Career Development

Galaksiya provides career development opportunities to all of its employees. At Galaksiya, you can learn and grow your skills in an environment that encourages you to share your ideas and contribute to different projects. We invest in the future of our employees, so they can be the best at what they do.


Galaksiya is built on a universal principle that education, research and development is shared process. We help people develop themselves and we utilise their skill and knowledge to provide goals to humanity. We help customers to explore new areas by bringing only the best solutions tailored to their needs. We believe in top-notch quality, creativity and innovation.


Bootcamps are a new education model for those who want to enter a technology career. Companies that want to grow their team sponsor bootcamps. People who have started to gain technical skills but are not ready to get a job apply to bootcamps. Selected candidates receive admission to 8-12 weeks of free and intensive training. Students who are successful in bootcamps get a job in Galaksiya or in the sponsor company.