follow.fashion is a data platform that helps fashion manufacturers for their criticial decisions.

follow.fashion’s web scraping engines collect and analyze fashion data from 33 countries and 99 different brands. This data includes fashion terms, colors, and daily price and stock statuses.


In the follow.fashion app, all detailed information about a product can be found such as images, title, description, price and stock. Furthermore, you can analyze daily breakdowns of price and stock of a product.

follow.fashion bases on a detailed fashion dictionary. The platform processes the text data crawled about a product and links to the terms in our well-defined semantic dictionary. Machine learning techniques is used to semantify the natural language in e-commerce portals. In this way, the users can create extensive data analytics using the structured data. Additionally, follow.fashion supports adoption of an enterprise product tree with its internal dictionary. Thus, required effort for data analysis is minimized.

Collected data is served via an API and via pre-defined BI reports in the web app. There are 12 different pre-defined report template in follow.fashion: 4 about price, 2 about color, 3 about trendsand 3 about categories.

Besides all these, follow.fashion provides a workspace for your work. In the workspace, you can make a collection of products you are working on, create presentation cards using them, and export these cards to PDF to use in the enterprise processes.