follow.fashion is a tool that helps market decisions of fashion product producers.

Web scraping engines of follow.fashion, collect and analyze fashion data from 33 counties and 99 different brands. This data includes fashion terms, colors, and daily changing of price and stock.


On the web page, if you click a product card, you can see breakdowns of price and stock by date. Also in this detailed card, all product images, title, description, and tags are shown.

We have a detailed fashion dictionary. Our system tags texts of data by these terms on the dictionary. And then, data are classified with machine learning by categories. In this way, our customers can filter the data in the desired detail. If your product tree is different from our categorization, our system can be adapted your tree.

Collected data is served with API and web interface. The users can get the data via API and handle their own, or they can use the results in the ready reports by filtering data on our web page.

There are 12 different prepared analyses as the report on our webpage. Of these, 4 are price, 2 are color, 3 are trend and 3 are category reports.

Our tool has a workspace for your work. In the workspace, you can save the products you are working on. The selected products from your workspace can be exported as a PDF.