Influence your customers with your intelligence!

otonom.ai is a conversational AI platform.

At all of your processes, give your customers a real communication experience.

Here, some example use cases developed by Otonom.ai are listed.

  • Airlines: Tell your departure and landing places and your assistant will find the most suitable flights for you.
  • Calendar: Tell your plans and important days, your assistant will manage your calendar for you.
  • Weather: Ask and learn the weather conditions of the region you want, on the date you want, with a single sentence.
  • Sports: Find out the results of the previous matches of your favorite team, the dates of the new matches, and the last-minute scores.
  • Finance: Instantly learn the changes in exchange rates and BIST.
  • News: Ask about the latest news on the topics you are interested in.
  • Maps: This allows you to follow the traffic on the route you want to go.